About Us

Welcome to The Iron Branded site.

The Iron Branded is a personal site that will be hosting news and information over a variety of subjects. These subject can range from survival, gaming, mod reviews and anything else I can think of.

At this time time we will be hosting The Heroic Dead which is a guild that has played numerous fantasy based mmorpg's with the hope and expectation that we will be playing Amazon's first mmorpg by the name of New World.

We hope you enjoy your time here and if you need anything please email sablehawk@gmail.com

Our History

The Heroic Dead has been in many games in one form or another. For the first time we are interested in a game that may have us split up into 3 separate factions under different names. To make sure we don't leave anyone out all 3 factions will be using the same site and will have their own forum areas for keeping in touch with each other.